Webinar: SQL on Hadoop for Enterprise Analytics

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About the Webinar

Hear why SQL on Hadoop is the future of analytics. Mike Xu, Looker Data Architect and Evangelist will share how recent updates to SQL query engines like Spark and Presto are finally allowing companies to harness Hadoop’s processing power for analytics. Looker Data Analyst Eric Feinstein shares how a top 10 health insurance company built an in-cluster data platform using Looker to make all their data in Hadoop accessible to thousands of analysts and business users across the company every day.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn fundamentals of modeling out of Hadoop including Spark
  • Hear best practices for navigating joins
  • See case study demonstrations

About the Speakers

Eric Feinstein

Member of Professional Services Team, Looker

Eric-Feinstein-med.jpgEric Feinstein is a member of the Professional Services team at Looker. His prior roles include management and IT consulting on various topics including hotel room rate predictions, fraud detection and insurance claim accuracy. He has built business intelligence applications on 5 continents for many of the Fortune 100 companies. His favorite job before Looker involved spending his days on the factory floor, on the production line of a nationally recognized candy brand.

He is a graduate of Lehigh University and is based in New York City.

Mike Xu

Looker Data Architect and Looker Evangelist, Looker

MikeXu.jpgMike Xu was Looker’s first analyst. Today he is a data architect at Looker where he solves integration challenges between the data produced from high write systems and data analytics platforms/use cases. He is interested in production and analytical database environments. Before Looker, Mike wrote software at Apple.

Todd Nemet

Data Analyst and Big Data Product Manager, Looker

todd-nemet-med.jpgTodd Nemet is a Data Analyst and Big Data Product Manager at Looker. Most recently he worked with Hadoop-related technologies at Cloudera, Altiscale, Pepperdata, and Clearstory Data. At Cloudera he was a Global Systems Engineer Manager where he was the technical partner manager for their largest partners as well as helped build out the field technical team. His first exposure to “Hadoop” was in 2003 with the Google File System as part of the enterprise Google Search Appliance.

As an interesting guy, his varied work experience also includes SEO consulting, radio DJing, app development, technical blogging, comedy writing, record store clerking, college teaching, and camp counseling.

He has a BSEE from Purdue University and currently lives in Palo Alto with his family.

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