Webinar: Subscribing to Your Critical Data Supply Chain – Getting Value from True Data Lineage

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About the Webinar

Operational Data Governance is more than a stewardship process for critical Business Assets.  As organizations build structure around KPI’s and other critical data, a workflow develops that revolves around the sources and supply chain for that critical data. There can be many aspects to changes and inconsistencies affecting the final results of the supply chain. Inaccurate usage of data can result in audit penalties as well as erroneous report summaries and conclusions.

Is it coming from the correct authoritative source? Has the data been profiled? Has it met it’s threshold?

Gaps in the supply chain from incorrect pathways may lead dead ends or lost sources.

The value of understanding the entire supply chain cannot be overstated.  When changes occur at and point, end users can validate that correct business standards, rules and policies have been applied to the critical data within the supply chain.  Your organization can rest easy that you are not at risk for exposure due to improper usage, security, and compliance.

Join this webinar to uncover how companies are using data lineage to accomplish data supply chain transparency. You’ll also see the direct value clear data lineage can give to your business and IT landscape today.

About the Speakers

Stewart Bond

Research Director of IDC’s Data Integration Software Service

stewart BondStewart Bond is Research Director of IDC’s Data Integration Software service. Before joining IDC Stewart worked as  an  architect, consultant, and analyst in information management and middleware markets for 25 years. He spent 10 of those years at IBM and most recently was an analyst with Info-Tech Research Group in Canada.

Mr. Bond has led numerous research projects and publications, and is recognized as a valued industry analyst by leading software vendors, consumers, and peers in the areas of Enterprise and Data Integration, EDI, Big Data, and Cloud. He has been quoted in several industry publications, including PC Today, Processor Magazine, and CyberTrend.

Mr. Bond holds an honors diploma in Transportation Engineering Technology from Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario.

Follow Mr. Bond on Twitter @StewartLBond.

Sue Habas

VP of Product Management, ASG

SueHabas_new100Sue Habas , VP of Product Management for ASG’s Enterprise Data Intelligence Suite, has over 18 years experience working with metadata on the buy side as a customers and the sell side as a vendor, including implementation, showcasing, and program support. She has worked to structure and drive enterprise metadata/data governance programs. Additionally, Sue has extensive support experience to sustain these initiatives within an organization. She has supported a wide range of clients, including financial, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and e-Commerce with a general need to provide data-driven business practices. Sue is responsible for launching and guiding ASG’s Enterprise Data Intelligence solution’s superior Metadata/Data Governance technology in fresh, modern offerings that deliver excellent value for today’s challenging business demands.

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