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Every December, we here at DATAVERSITY set aside time to dig through our data and reflect on the hits and misses of the year. We want to know: Which content did you, our data-loving readers, consume and enjoy the most? Which Data Management topics and experts helped you learn valuable new skills, succeed at your job, or explore a new career path? 

This year, in addition to continuing our transition back to in-person conferences, we focused on building our online presence: ramping up article and blog content, hosting educational webinars, offering new in-depth courses in our online training center, and launching a weekly podcast featuring different data people discussing how they got their start in the industry.

Read on for our top 20 articles and blog posts written and published in 2022, plus a few bonus lists, including our most popular webinars, on-demand learning plans, live online courses, and podcast episodes. There’s something for everyone, from Data Quality dimensions to graph databases to analytics trends to Data Modeling 101. Not surprisingly, the topics of Data Governance, Data Strategy, and Data Architecture all rank high, as organizations grapple with managing data regulations, privacy, and security in an increasingly data-driven world. 

Check out the lists, then share your thoughts on LinkedIn or one of your favorite social media platforms. Did we cover all your favorite topics? What would you like to see more of (or less of) in the new year? 

Note: While the live online trainings listed below all happened in 2022, we included links to courses that will be back by popular demand in 2023. 

Top 20 Articles and Blog Posts:

  1. Article: Data Mesh vs. Data Lake: Which Is Better for Your Business?
  2. Article: Data Quality Dimensions
  3. Article: Building a Data Governance Program: 10 Steps to Success
  4. Article: Property Graphs vs. Knowledge Graphs
  5. Blog Post: The Machine Economy Is There – The Digital Transformation Is Over
  6. Article: Data Quality, Data Stewardship, Data Governance: Three Keys
  7. Article: Five Essential Data Architecture Principles
  8. Article: Data Science vs. Decision Science: A New Era Dawns
  9. Blog Post: Data Lakes Are Dead: Evolving Your Company’s Data Architecture
  10. Article: Measuring Data Consistency
  11. Article: How to Become a Data Governance Lead
  12. Blog Post: 10 Actionable Steps to Create a Data-Driven Culture
  13. Article: Data Modeling 101
  14. Article: Key Trends in Data and Analytics
  15. Blog Post: Say Hello to Graph Normal Form (GNF)
  16. Article: Developing a Data Strategy Roadmap
  17. Blog Post: Do You Need a Semantic Layer?
  18. Blog Post: The Data Engineer’s Roadmap
  19. Article: 7 Key Features of Data Management Systems
  20. Article: The Importance of a Modern Data Architecture

Top Webinars:

  1. Data Governance Takes a Village (So Why Is Everyone Hiding?)
  2. Data-Ed: Conceptual vs. Logical vs. Physical Data Modeling
  3. Data-Ed: Data Strategy Best Practices
  4. RWDG: Data Management Is Data Governance
  5. The Death of the Star Schema

Top On-Demand Learning Plans:

  1. DMBoK and CDMP Preparation Learning Plan
  2. Data Governance for Non-Data Professionals Learning Plan
  3. Data Literacy Learning Plan
  4. Data Governance Learning Plan
  5. Data Quality Learning Plan

Top Live Online Courses

  1. DMBoK and CDMP Preparation: Data Management Fundamentals
  2. Data Strategy Bootcamp
  3. DMBoK and CDMP Specialist Deep Dive: Data Modeling
  4. Ontology Engineering for Knowledge Graph Applications
  5. DMBoK and CDMP Specialist Deep Dive: Data Governance

Top Podcast Episodes

  1. My Career in Data Episode 1: Tony Shaw, CEO/Founder, DATAVERSITY
  2. My Career in Data Episode 2: Mark Horseman, Manager of Data Governance, Alberta Motor Association
  3. My Career in Data Episode 6: Gail McAuliffe, Senior Advisor, Data Management, CATSA
  4. My Career in Data Episode 3: Karen Lopez, Senior Project Manager, InfoAdvisors
  5. My Career in Data Episode 5: Peter Aiken, Founder, Anything Awesome

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