Understanding Data Mesh Principles

ThoughtWorks consultant Zhamak Dehghani defines data mesh as a “decentralized sociotechnical approach to sharing, accessing, and managing analytical data in complex and large-scale environments – within or across organizations.” This type of Data Architecture continues to generate interest among corporations, and data professionals will need to become familiar with data mesh architectures, such as those with data lakes or warehouses. […]

Overcoming Eight Data Literacy Barriers

Leaders want “everyone, everywhere, and all at once to become highly data-literate, demonstrate a high capability to read, work with, and analyze data,” says Dr. Wendy Lynch, founder of and Lynch Consulting. As a consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies, she understands why organizations want all their members to have a high level of Data Literacy. […]

How Generative AI Will Transform Business

Generative AI – specifically ChatGPT – has taken the world by storm. From writing about AI in a Shakespearean style to basic programming, ChatGPT promises to disrupt existing workflows and reengineer daily life. In the meantime, companies face another revolution with generative AI. They can remove all the data fed to ChatGPT, then replace it with a company’s […]

Data Literacy Training for Data Engineers

It may seem counterintuitive to think of data engineers needing to improve Data Literacy, the ability to read, work with, analyze, and argue with data. After all, data engineers apply technical Data Literacy skills to build and optimize operating systems and pipeline channels. At the same time, data engineers show gaps in using organizational Data Literacy and communicating […]

Data Literacy Trends in 2023: Formalizing Programs

Data Literacy, the ability to explore, understand, and communicate with data, will significantly increase its role in organizations in 2023 and beyond. Companies will gravitate toward Data Literacy to get insights from big data and mobilize artificial intelligence (AI), a technology underlying a machine’s ability to learn from experience.  Unfortunately, many businesses need to ramp up […]

What Is a Data Lake?

A data lake is an environment where a vast amount of data, of various types and structures, can be ingested, stored, assessed, and analyzed. Data lake technologies can scale to massive volumes of data, and combining datasets is easy with data stored in a relatively raw form. A data lake architecture can centralize data over distributed storage, providing a scalable, […]