Building a Modern Data Platform with Data Fabric Architecture

In today’s data-driven landscape, organizations face the challenge of integrating diverse data sources efficiently. Whether due to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or the need for advanced insights, a robust data platform with streamlined data operations are essential. Shift in Mindset Data fabric is a design concept for integrating and managing data. Through flexible, reusable, augmented, and […]

Data Ethics 101

Data ethics ensures that businesses handle data – beginning with its acquisition and ending with its distribution – with full attention to individual rights, privacy, and consent. Moreover, ethical decision-making in businesses has to strike a balance between technology and morality to preserve individual rights.  This includes considerations around transparency, accountability, and fairness in the […]

What Doesn’t Work with Data Governance

Data governance is crucial for businesses aiming to maximize the value of their data, yet several common issues can significantly hinder its effectiveness. Let’s dive straight into these challenges and outline actionable strategies for overcoming them. Silos and Misalignment Data governance often operates in isolation, with dedicated teams having minimal interaction with the end-users of […]

Data Integrity: What It Is and Why It Matters

The term “garbage in, garbage out,” or GIGO, dates back to the earliest days of commercial computing in the mid-20th century. Yet the concept was present more than 100 years earlier at the very dawn of computing. When Charles Babbage first described his difference engine, a member of Parliament asked him whether the machine could generate […]

End the Tyranny of Disaggregated Data

Customer renewal rates are dropping, and your CEO is on the warpath. You need to find out why and fast. At most large companies, that is a pretty tall task. Information about customers is likely scattered across an assortment of applications and devices ranging from your customer relationship management system to logs from customer-facing applications, […]

Data Ethics 101

The term “data ethics” refers to a set of guidelines that ensure data collection, use, and management processes respect privacy and security while safeguarding fairness. This includes considering the implications of data collection methods, the transparency of algorithms used to process information, and how decisions based on data analysis might affect individuals and communities.  What […]