Core Data Concepts for Digital Transformation

Without a clear understanding of core data concepts, communications around implementing an organizational Data Management initiative can become a muddle. As different teams come together to plan and organize data activities, they must integrate what they mean about data with any technologies. For example, take the term “Data Governance.” Data engineers building systems and tools to enable […]

Data Literacy 101

From social media to online shopping, data is generated and collected at an unprecedented rate. In the current data-powered society, it is crucial to be able to understand and interpret all types of data. Data literacy – the ability to read, analyze, and communicate with data – is crucial to use the power of data. […]

How Data Governance and Data Literacy Overlap

In today’s tech-driven world, with 120 zettabytes generated annually, most of us already use data – and lots of it. “Everyone who reads a paper or scrolls through the Internet is already acquainted with data,” said Wendy Lynch, founder of and Lynch Consulting, in a recent Elevating Enterprise Data Literacy webinar. “We depend on data, compare data, react to data, […]

Building a Data Culture with Data Storytelling

Businesses worldwide are churning out vast volumes of data like never before. Statistics show that people will generate 120 zettabytes of data by the end of 2023, and that number will likely climb to 181 zettabytes by 2025. To extract the full value of all this data, business leaders must prioritize data-driven practices such as data storytelling – a […]

Developing a Digital Transformation Framework

In today’s world, digital transformation is no longer an option. Instead, it is a necessity for businesses to stay competitive. The rapid pace of technological advancements, coupled with changing consumer behavior and expectations, has forced companies to rethink their strategies and embrace digital transformation. In fact, a recent study by McKinsey & Company found that […]

Overcoming Eight Data Literacy Barriers

Leaders want “everyone, everywhere, and all at once to become highly data-literate, demonstrate a high capability to read, work with, and analyze data,” says Dr. Wendy Lynch, founder of and Lynch Consulting. As a consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies, she understands why organizations want all their members to have a high level of Data Literacy. […]

Data Cataloging Tools

Data cataloging tools work with data catalogs to make them more efficient. Data catalogs typically come with tools included as part of the data catalog package. The tools included with data catalogs have been developed to support data quality, analytics, and compliance with data privacy regulations. Unfortunately, the number of independently sourced tools for data […]

Developing a Strategy to Democratize Data

The goal of building a strategy to democratize data is to allow all appropriate staff to access the organization’s data, regardless of their technical skills or job description. Previously, a researcher would have to submit a request to the IT department for the information they needed. For example, if a production manager wanted a mid-month […]