Managing Data as a Product: What, Why, How

The concept of managing “data as a product” involves a paradigm shift. By treating data as a product designed for consumer use, rather than a pool of semi-chaotic information, businesses can increase their profits. Many businesses have set up customized data pipelines – or other extreme and expensive steps – in unsuccessful efforts to maximize the […]

Machine Learning Use Cases for Data Management

In 2023, machine learning (ML) is a powerful enabler for Data Management, revolutionizing the way organizations handle and analyze vast amounts of data. ML, a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), offers various approaches to tackle Data Management challenges. With the ever-increasing “volume, velocity, and variety of data” being generated today, traditional methods of Data Management have become […]

Core Data Concepts for Digital Transformation

Without a clear understanding of core data concepts, communications around implementing an organizational Data Management initiative can become a muddle. As different teams come together to plan and organize data activities, they must integrate what they mean about data with any technologies. For example, take the term “Data Governance.” Data engineers building systems and tools to enable […]

NoSQL vs. SQL: Five Key Differences

NoSQL and SQL are the two primary forms of database used to store and manage digital data, with each providing key differences that support advantages and disadvantages. SQL deals with relational databases and NoSQL deals with non-relational databases. Both methods store data effectively but differ dramatically in their scalability, relationships, language, and database design. Understanding […]

Data Literacy 101

From social media to online shopping, data is generated and collected at an unprecedented rate. In the current data-powered society, it is crucial to be able to understand and interpret all types of data. Data literacy – the ability to read, analyze, and communicate with data – is crucial to use the power of data. […]

Fundamentals of Real-Time Analytics

In the evolving world of business, the emergence of new technologies is aiding organizations to make agile and accurate decisions. Real-time analytics – which involves collecting and analyzing data as it happens – is one such technology that is changing the business landscape. With superfast identification of trends and patterns, businesses can leverage real-time analytics […]