7 Ways Big Data Is Changing E-Commerce

Click to learn more about author Evelyn Johnson. As the volume of data increases every second, so does the need to harness the true potential out of it. Brands, especially the e-commerce marketplaces, are putting their prime focus on utilizing it to achieve greater outcomes.  Many e-commerce marketers firmly believe that big data is critical to establishing […]

So You Want to be a Data Curator?

Data curation is highly focused on maintaining and managing metadata, and not the database itself. Consequently, much of data curation involves such things as good communications and the usage popularity of services or articles. Data curators not only create, manage, and maintain data, but may also be involved in determining best practices for working with […]

Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

The debate on machine learning vs. deep learning has gained considerable steam in the past few years. The fundamental strength of both these technologies lies in their ability to learn from available data. Though both of these offshoot AI technologies triumph in “learning algorithms,” the manner in which machine learning (ML) algorithms learn is very […]

What Is Data Mining?

Data Mining is an older (and now allied) subset of machine learning and artificial intelligence that deals with large data sets. It uses pattern recognition technologies with statistical and mathematical techniques to forecast business trends and find useful patterns. “Data mining is also known as Knowledge Discovery in Data (KDD).”  A component of data mining, […]

Three Crucial Phases of a Digital Transformation Journey

Click to learn more about author Kristian Kalsing. In today’s digital era, organizations require a solid foundation of trusted master data to enable impactful digital transformation (DX) efforts and drive better business results at scale. All businesses, regardless of industry, recognize that to succeed and deliver the best-in-class customer experience needed for retention and expansion, […]

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