Data Visualization Best Practices

Good data visualizations boost business data literacy by presenting well-thought-out dashboards or reports that show data assets for quicker and more straightforward consumption. Following data visualization best practices leads to positive outcomes for organizations. These benefits include reducing the time and costs of questions data consumers ask by answering them up front in the data visualizations. Additionally, good visualizations increase consistency […]

EEDL Webinar: Analytic Translators – How Do They Fit in the Literacy Discussion?

  Download the slides here>> About the Webinar There will be times when, despite efforts to increase literacy overall, there is still a communication gap between those creating analytic output and those consuming it. How can translators help? What is their role in advancing literacy overall? About the Speaker Wendy D. Lynch, PhD Founder, […]

Getting Executive Buy-in for Data Management

Within the last several years, the marketplace has shifted from industrial-produced to data-based. Consequently, many companies have a strong drive to become data-driven, from financial firms to nonprofits. Yet, when C-suite managers and others discuss making money from data, they see the face of data analytics and Data Science. These conversations miss the Data Architecture and Data Management fundamentals […]

Press Release: DATAVERSITY Acquires The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN)

September 18, 2023 – DATAVERSITY announced today it has completed its acquisition of The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN). Established in 1997 by Robert S. Seiner, TDAN is an internet-based publication focused on providing educational resources, best practices, and techniques associated with the management of data and information. “I’m delighted we could complete this transfer, as DATAVERSITY is […]

Self-Service Data Without Chaos

Information is power, and the ability to put information into the hands of those who can quickly act on it separates the leaders from the laggards in any market. Everyone in an organization – from HR professionals leveraging data to dictate hiring decisions to brand managers leveraging data for pricing optimization – benefits from analytics. […]

Core Data Concepts for Digital Transformation

Without a clear understanding of core data concepts, communications around implementing an organizational Data Management initiative can become a muddle. As different teams come together to plan and organize data activities, they must integrate what they mean about data with any technologies. For example, take the term “Data Governance.” Data engineers building systems and tools to enable […]