Data Strategy Best Practices

Data Strategy, the master plan or blueprint for confronting day-to-day business challenges and meeting pre-defined business goals using data, has gained significant traction. More companies are seeing the connection between following Data Strategy best practices and boosting profit. Gartner estimates that 50% of financial planning and analytics leaders will take charge of developing and refining their Data Strategy. Moreover, […]

Developing a Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud migration involves moving an organization’s data, applications, digital services, databases, and other IT resources to the cloud environment. A cloud migration strategy contains the blueprint for making this move happen. According to Gartner, more than 45% of IT spending will shift from traditional data-processing platforms to the cloud by 2024. This observation reaffirms the cloud platform’s popularity as […]

Developing a Strategy to Democratize Data

The goal of building a strategy to democratize data is to allow all appropriate staff to access the organization’s data, regardless of their technical skills or job description. Previously, a researcher would have to submit a request to the IT department for the information they needed. For example, if a production manager wanted a mid-month […]

Data Strategy 101

Organizations that treat data as a business asset look for ways to transform the entire business ecosystem into a data-driven entity. Yet, aligning business goals with data goals is neither easy nor straightforward; a systematic and well-defined Data Strategy must be conceived and developed to take the data-enabled business practices forward. In this Data Strategy 101 […]

Eight Common Data Strategy Pitfalls

In the digital business world, organizations can’t take advantage of their data assets without a proper Data Strategy in place. The Data Strategy is the plan that enables an enterprise to meet its business goals through its data. Avoiding common Data Strategy pitfalls and creating a successful strategy empowers an organization to realize its mission […]