Creating a Data Governance Policy

A Data Governance (DG) policy is a document that describes how organizations use and manage their data. These documents establish rules that help safeguard data, define the roles and responsibilities of staff involved with Data Governance, and set standards for Data Quality and security.  Good Data Governance policies make the business’s governance goals, practices, and […]


As the year draws to a close, we here at DATAVERSITY have an annual tradition of digging deep into our data and reflecting on the hits and misses. What was the most popular Data Management content on and our training center over the past 12 months? Which core topics did you – our data […]

Data-Driven Decision-Making 101

Data-driven decision-making involves utilizing data and analytics to solve business problems. Relying on facts rather than intuition or personal opinions can lead to more accurate and effective decisions.   In business organizations, evidence-based decisions can optimize operations, enhance productivity, and drive growth. By examining trends, patterns, and correlations within datasets, business operators can uncover valuable information that helps […]

Developing an Effective AI Strategy

The process of building a successful AI strategy has changed. In November of 2022, the evolution of artificial intelligence took a dramatic leap forward: OpenAI developed a more evolved, smarter chatbot called ChatGPT. By combining generative AI with large language models and highly functional algorithms, the company developed a chatbot supporting a new level of […]

Getting Executive Buy-in for Data Management

Within the last several years, the marketplace has shifted from industrial-produced to data-based. Consequently, many companies have a strong drive to become data-driven, from financial firms to nonprofits. Yet, when C-suite managers and others discuss making money from data, they see the face of data analytics and Data Science. These conversations miss the Data Architecture and Data Management fundamentals […]

What Is Data Strategy and Why Do You Need It?

With the increasing amount of data available, businesses need to have a clear, enterprise-wide plan on how to collect, analyze, and use data to make informed decisions. A well-laid-out plan or “Data Strategy” can help businesses identify gaps and take corrective actions to improve operations, enhance customer experience, and drive growth.  A strong Data Strategy can also […]

Developing a Data Strategy Template

Organizations want a solid and usable Data Strategy template – a well-thought-out plan for a set of decisions that form a pattern, charting a high-level course of action – but face challenges. For example, only 30% of companies have impactful data strategies that align with some operations, resulting in wasted investments in improving analytics and business insights. Instead, most […]

Data Strategy Best Practices

Data Strategy, the master plan or blueprint for confronting day-to-day business challenges and meeting pre-defined business goals using data, has gained significant traction. More companies are seeing the connection between following Data Strategy best practices and boosting profit. Gartner estimates that 50% of financial planning and analytics leaders will take charge of developing and refining their Data Strategy. Moreover, […]