IoT vs. Serverless Computing

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes an interconnected network of physical and digital devices, sensors, mechanical components, and communication protocols with the ability to transfer and exchange data machine-to-machine or machine-to-interactions. The serverless computing model is cloud-based and all its resources are managed by the service provider. The client is charged based on the consumption […]

Protect Data Against Foreign Adversaries

Click to learn more about author James Carder. Recent, high-profile cybersecurity hacks have put a massive spotlight on an imperative security measure: defense against foreign threat actors. The SolarWinds attack and attempts on Pfizer have now set the rules of engagement, and organizations need to be cognizant of the fact that numerous foreign governments possess […]

How to Work with Modern Databases

Click to learn more about author Thomas LaRock. Historically, databases were like digital filing cabinets, not sources for marketing information and new business opportunities. Today, we gather data at a seemingly manic pace – and as quickly as it’s collected, it’s analyzed and parsed. As the famous saying from a few years back goes, “Data is […]

Will They Blend? Google BigQuery Meets Databricks

Click to learn more about author Emilio Silvestri. In the “Will They Blend?” blog series, we experiment with the most interesting blends of data and tools. Whether it’s mixing traditional sources with modern data lakes, open-source DevOps on the cloud with protected internal legacy tools, SQL with noSQL, web-wisdom-of-the-crowd with in-house handwritten notes, or IoT […]

Sparking Joy in a Design System

Click to learn more about author Marinella Mastrosimone. Any front-end developer will have experienced the pleasure of opening the newly released page with the Chrome inspector and finding a clear and semantic clean code. Not even Marie Kondo could do better! How many times have you reviewed some old code and thought, “Gosh, how bad […]

Planet of the Apps and Their SaaS-ification

Click to learn more about author Chris Lynch. As the CEO of a technology startup and a recovering venture capitalist, I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with technology during the last few decades. I had the incredible opportunity to be at the forefront of change and explosive growth in the early networking days, was present for […]

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