Navigating Data Readiness for Generative AI

Just about everyone in tech agrees that generative AI is poised to hit the business world like a tidal wave. There’s less agreement about when the transformation will occur, and how generative AI will be harnessed to boost profitability. A survey of chief data officers conducted in the second half of 2023 by Amazon Web Services (AWS) found that […]

Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Responsible AI Integration

In late 2023, significant attention was given to building artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to predict post-surgery complications, surgical risk models, and recovery pathways for patients with surgical needs. This naturally elevated the appropriate debate of whether using AI in this manner would result in hospitals and providers prioritizing revenue from automation over excellence in patient […]

What Is a Graph Database? Definition, Types, Uses

A graph database (GDB) models data as a combination of nodes (vertices) and edges (relationships) with equal importance. Businesspeople query these structures to reveal patterns and insights within the data and their associations. These would be difficult to discern from other data visualizations, such as tables, charts, and documents. Since humans naturally think by associating one concept with another, people […]

Automation and AI: Achieving Success Within IaaS

Within the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) industry, the adoption of advanced automation technology into data center operations marks a key shift in the technological transformation of IaaS. For data centers aiming to maximize efficiency and minimize human error, implementing advanced automation is a step toward achieving incomparable responsiveness and scalability. In this constantly evolving […] Launches Secure Unstructured Data Lakehouse for Large Language Models

According to a new press release, has launched Tonic Textual, a secure data lakehouse for large language models (LLMs), designed to address integration and privacy challenges in leveraging unstructured data for generative AI. This platform aims to streamline the preparation of unstructured data for retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) systems and LLM fine-tuning, tackling significant obstacles in […]

The Role of AI in Developing Green Data Centers

In an era where sustainability is the focus, green data centers stand as pillars of strength behind the mass protest against environmental degradation. These facilities, designed for efficiency and a minimal ecological footprint, reduce energy consumption and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. By harnessing renewable energy sources, advanced cooling technologies, and optimized server utilization, green data centers […]

Demystifying AI: What Is AI and What Is Not AI?

In recent months, particularly following the release of ChatGPT, there has been an unprecedented surge in interest surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). This heightened attention spans across a multitude of sectors, including business enterprises, technology companies, venture capital firms, universities, governments, media outlets, and more. As the interest in AI is intensifying, some companies have even […]