Getting to AI Adoption at Scale

Everyone wants to increase the adoption of their AI programs, but there are several “chicken and egg” problems to overcome: How do we get the resources to build out the technical infrastructure required to use AI at scale, when we have not proven the value yet? How do we create a culture of data-driven decision-making […]

Leveraging Enterprise AI

Leveraging enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) provides a system that can automate repetitive tasks, answer questions, and improve decision-making. The AI operates machine learning extensions and automated services to deliver satisfying customer experiences and can streamline research projects. Enterprise AI can be described as a combination of machine learning and deep learning algorithms.  With enterprise AI, managers and […]

The Rise of Data-Centric AI

Data-centric AI is gaining momentum among engineers. While traditionally, a model-centric approach has been used to improve accuracy for a variety of applications, the increase of data available today and the benefits of using reliable data are leading engineers to reevaluate their priorities and workflows. With a model’s performance so dependent on the quality of […]

Machine Learning Tools

Machine learning tools allow computers to become more accurate in predicting outcomes. The computer’s software makes decisions based on experiences rather than programming. The algorithm (basically a series of instructions) collects data on its interactions, and that data is used as feedback for the algorithm, which changes its behavior and responses, improving them over time. […]

How to Make the Jump to AI

AI and machine learning models are being used to help companies stay competitive by discovering new revenue opportunities, improving risk management, detecting fraud, and streamlining business processes. But years ago, data science wasn’t even on the curriculum at universities, so many software engineers are acquiring the necessary skills on their own.   From my experience, anyone who […]

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