The All-Star Analyst: Powered by AI (Part 2)

Click to learn more about author Assaf Egozi. In the first part of this series, Assaf Egozi discussed key drivers and barriers to adoption for using AI/ML to power business analysis. This follow-up article highlights practical ways that citizen data analysts are using the technology to drive value for their business. Citizen data analysts are […]

Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

The debate on machine learning vs. deep learning has gained considerable steam in the past few years. The fundamental strength of both these technologies lies in their ability to learn from available data. Though both of these offshoot AI technologies triumph in “learning algorithms,” the manner in which machine learning (ML) algorithms learn is very […]

The Future of AI: Assistance with Voice-to-Text Translation

Click to learn more about author Rachel Roumeliotis. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now powering conversational commerce in retail, increasingly using chatbots to streamline and improve customer service. This can help with everything from answering customer queries and resolving issues to helping sell more merchandise through product recommendations. Voice-to-text translation is a crucial part of this […]

Accelerating Enterprise Growth with Data Science

Click to learn more about author Sudeep Rao. The 21st century has been characterized by the exponential growth of disruptive technology and its impact in multiple industry sectors – from manufacturing, banking, and finance to health care and retail. This has been accompanied by a concurrent data explosion, with every industry sector now generating information […]

Blockchain Uses Multiply with New Database Innovations

Blockchain is still considered new technology, best known for supporting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. But blockchain can provide security for a variety of purposes, ranging from privacy controls on medical records to preventing vote tampering. Ultimately, blockchain is a secure, encrypted database of agreements. Blockchain serves as a bookkeeping/contract platform which is incorruptible […]

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