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Persado Raises $21M to Make Human Copywriters Obsolete


by Angela Guess Barry Levine of Venture Beat reports, “If you’re a marketer with a knack for writing great copy, you may want to learn another job skill. New York City-based Persado is offering an artificial intelligence-based system for creating the most effective text for emails, web pages, and other marketing. Today, it announced it…

NLP Startup Taykey Raises $15M


by Angela Guess Erin Griffith of Fortune reports, “Taykey, a New York startup that makes software for marketers, makes use of 50,000 inputs and 47 engineers with seven doctorates in natural language processing to build tools that surface trends. Inputs include anything from people ‘checking in’ with Foursquare’s Swarm app to a widely popular weather…

A Closer Look at Artificially Intelligent Super Mario


by Angela Guess George Dvorsky of io9 reports, “German researchers have created a version of Nintendo’s Super Mario Advance in which the videogame hero can learn and venture through the game according to his ‘feelings.’ It’s an exciting advance, but the claim that Super Mario is now ‘self-aware’ is grossly overstated… More accurately, Super Mario…

Jinni and the Future of Choice


by Angela Guess Mark Lee Rollins of Red Orbit recently wrote, “Out of the blue, TV choice technology provider Jinni received a phone call last fall from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences notifying them they’d won an Emmy in the Technology & Engineering category–specifically the ‘Personalized Recommendation Engines for Video Discovery’ category.…

Natural Language Processing Can’t Beat Human Translators (Yet)

by Angela Guess Ofer Shoshan of Beta News recently wrote, “Anyone who has tried to read a Google Translated article knows that machine translations still don’t entirely get things like context, colloquial and nuance. This hysterical rendition of the hit song ‘Let It Go’ — where the lyrics were Google Translated into another language and…

Facebook Acquires NLP Startup Wit.ai

Matt Southern of Search Engine Journal reports, “Wit.ai, a Y combinator startup founded 18 months ago, has been acquired by Facebook with the intent for the company to help the social network create an API for building voice-controlled interfaces.”