Granularity Is the True Data Advantage

Commerce today runs on data – guiding product development, improving operational efficiency, and personalizing the customer experience. However, many organizations fall into the trap of thinking that more data means more sales, when these two factors aren’t directly correlated. Often, executives will become overzealous in their digital transformations and cut blank checks for data collection, […]

The Impact of Generative AI on Data Science

As businesses adopt generative AI, a technology that creates new content and finds patterns, what will Data Science, the processes and activity geared to getting insights from big data, look like? How will this kind of analytical work change? Will there be an increased or decreased need for data scientists?  How should businesses adapt their information […]

Data Labeling Challenges and Solutions

In the rush to adopt AI across diverse sectors, today’s enterprises face a common hurdle: efficient data labeling at scale. Numerous enterprises are grappling with generating usable data despite having huge amounts of raw information. Organizations are overwhelmed by the influx of image data, highlighting the need to process and label it for practical use. Data […]

Why Is a Data-Driven Culture Important?

Many modern organizations are recognizing how important it is to develop a data-driven culture. A data-driven culture typically describes a workplace environment and involves making information readily available to staff.  The general idea in promoting a data-driven workplace culture is to increase profits by developing a business that functions in a streamlined, efficient, and friendly […]

The Importance of Women in Data Management

Despite the increasing participation of women in Data Management (DM) roles, women still confront gender-related challenges throughout their careers. One significant challenge is the persistent gender bias prevalent within the industry. According to the study USA Diversity in Data Report 2022-2023, only 26% of DM and analytics positions are held by women. Women often face stereotypes […]

Why Selecting the Appropriate Data Governance Operating Model Is Crucial

To embark on data governance in an enterprise that spans divisions and diverse stakeholders, a well-defined operating model plays a vital role in achieving expected business benefits. Data mesh is a new concept that encourages data democratization within an organization in a decentralized way by promoting data products. Unlike the vintage architecture, which is centralized, data mesh […]