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As the year draws to a close, we here at DATAVERSITY have an annual tradition of digging deep into our data and reflecting on the hits and misses. What was the most popular Data Management content on and our training center over the past 12 months? Which core topics did you – our data community – seek out again and again, and which industry pros helped you build your skills and advance your career?

This year, we continued to add more in-person conferences back into the post-pandemic mix (including the return of Enterprise Data World in Anaheim) and hosted more Demo Days, our version of a virtual exhibit hall. We also expanded our online educational content dramatically, offering several new subscription options for our live online master classes and on-demand learning plans. 

Read on for our top 20 articles and blog posts published in 2023, plus a few other fun lists highlighting the year’s most-attended webinars, courses, and podcast episodes with data people. (We were excited to see you all enjoyed the special double interview with father-daughter duo Gregory and Monica Daggett as much as we did!)

There’s a wide variety of content to scroll through here – from the impact of low-quality data to data mesh principles to measuring data literacy. As usual, the topics of Data Governance, Data Strategy, and Data Architecture principles and best practices ranked high, as more and more organizations attempt to balance data democratization with data privacy, security, and ethics.

What do you think? Did your favorite topics make the lists? What would you like us to cover more of (or less of) in 2024? Please share with us!

Note: While the live online trainings listed below all happened in 2023, we included links to courses that will be back by popular demand in 2024. 

Top 20 New Articles and Blog Posts:

  1. Article: The Impact of Poor Data Quality (and How to Fix It)
  2. Article: Seven Essential Data Management Skills
  3. Blog Post: Connecting the Three Spheres of Data Management to Unlock Value
  4. Article: Machine Learning vs. Predictive Analytics
  5. Article: Data Warehouse vs. Data Lakehouse
  6. Article: Types of Databases and Their Uses
  7. Article: Data Visualization Best Practices
  8. Article: Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities
  9. Article: Data Strategy 101
  10. Article: 5 Key Elements of a Data Governance Framework
  11. Blog Post: Introducing the Data Analytics Fabric Concept
  12. Article: Data Strategy Best Practices
  13. Article: Data Governance Best Practices
  14. Article: The Future of Data Modeling in Data Governance
  15. Article: 9 Key Data Management Principles and Practices
  16. Article: Data Governance and Data Catalogs: Where Do They Intersect?
  17. Article: Understanding Data Mesh Principles
  18. Blog Post: Best Practices in Data Pipeline Automation
  19. Article: Data Literacy Assessment: How to Measure Success
  20. Blog Post: Goodbye Dashboards: How Modern BI Tools Are Being Used to Analyze Data

Top New Webinars:

  1. Data-Ed: Conceptual vs. Logical vs. Physical Data Modeling
  2. RWDG: How to Govern Glossaries, Dictionaries, and Data Catalogs
  3. Data-Ed: Data Stewards – Defining and Assigning
  4. EEDL: Is Enterprise Data Literacy Possible?
  5. Data-Ed: Data Management Best Practices

Top On-Demand Learning Plans:

  1. DMBoK and CDMP Preparation Learning Plan (instructor Christopher Bradley)
  2. Data Governance Learning Plan (instructor Kelle O’Neal)
  3. Business Glossaries, Data Dictionaries, and Data Catalogs Learning Plan (instructor Robert S. Seiner)
  4. Data Stewardship: A Complete Guide (instructor David Plotkin)
  5. Data Architecture Fundamentals Learning Plan (instructor Anthony J. Algmin)

Top Live Online Courses:

  1. DMBoK and CDMP Preparation: Data Management Fundamentals (instructor Christopher Bradley)
  2. Data Architecture Bootcamp (instructor Dave Wells)
  3. DMBoK and CDMP Specialist Deep Dive: Data Quality (instructor Christopher Bradley)
  4. Data Governance Bootcamp (instructor John Ladley)
  5. Data Strategy Bootcamp (instructor John Ladley)

Top New Podcast Episodes:

  1. My Career in Data Episode 41: Ryan Owens, Senior Data Warehouse Analyst, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana
  2. My Career in Data Episode 43: Mark Herschberg, Fractional CTO, CPO for several companies, and author of The Career Toolkit
  3. My Career in Data Episode 60: Gregory Daggett, Data Governance Lead, JR Simplot, and Monica Daggett, Senior Data Analyst, Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization
  4. My Career in Data Episode 56: Brian S. Parish, CEO and Founder, iData Inc (Data Cookbook)
  5. My Career in Data Episode 39: Lee Kurzhal, Principal Consultant, ERM

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